MI offers highly customized arrays to meet your experimental needs. During the design process several technical terms specific to the physical microarray will be used. We offer our Glossary as a guide to visualizing some of the various options that MI is capable of manufacturing.

Other resources available here include a listing of Publications which relied on microarrays provided by MI. The various publications offer a glimpse into several avenues of investigation where MI microarrays were an integral portion of the study.

Protocols, genelists, gal files and other resources are gathered under the Downloads tab. Many of these same files are also found elsewhere on the MI web site. They are gathered here for your convenience.

MI Glossary

Array – the final product consisting of a series of probes arranged in an organized repeatable format on a substrate suitable for customers experimental conditions.

Assay area - the section of the substrate where the probes are placed.

Deposition - the placement of the probe material onto the substrate surface.

Probe - the material to be deposited onto the microarray surface. Examples are:

  • DNA Oligo
  • DNA (cDNA)
  • Proteins or peptides
  • Antibodies or antigens
  • Cell lysates
  • Small molecules

Gasket - a physical border material applied to the substrate to provide a discrete area for hybridization.

Replicates - often, for statistical and quality assurance purposes, each of the probes are deposited more than once onto the same substrate. Each copy of the probe is termed 'replicate'.

Schematic - a physical illustration of the assay area on the substrate.

Sub replicate – the replicate placement of a probe in close proximity (next to or within the same block) as the initial probe deposition.

Block – the depositions which make up the assay areas on a slide, typically created with an individual pin.

Substrate - the material that will receive the probes. Examples are:

  • Slides
  • Microtiter plates
  • Chips (custom wafer)

Substrate surface - the substrate surface is coated with a selected chemistry to facilitate bonding of the probes to the substrate. The chemistry is selected based on the probe type. Examples are:

  • Amino silane
  • Epoxide
  • Hydrogel
  • Nitrocellulose


Dendron-modified surfaces provide an ideal environment for stem-loop DNA probes.

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Thyroid hydrogen peroxide production is enhanced by the Th2 cytokines, IL-4 and IL-13, through increased expression of the Dual Oxidase 2 and its maturation factor DUOXA2.

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Estrogen receptor β induces antiinflammatory and antitumorigenic networks in colon cancer cells.

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A potent plant-derived antifungal acetylenic acid mediates its activity by interfering with fatty acid homeostasis.

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Methylation of death-associated protein kinase is associated with cetuximab and erlotinib resistance

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Peripheral blood gene expression profiles in metabolic syndrome, coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Toward a microRNA signature of endometrial cancer.

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Knockdown of SF-1 and RNF31 affects components of steroidogenesis, TGFβ, and Wnt/β-catenin signaling in adrenocortical carcinoma cells.

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Identification of Wnt/β-catenin modulated genes in the developing retina.

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Alteration of gene expression profile in Niemann-Pick Type C mice correlates with tissue damage and oxidative stress.

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Vitamin D deficiency-induced hypertension is associated with vascular oxidative stress and altered heart gene expression.

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The fungal pathogen Candida albicans autoinduces hyphal morphogenesis by raising extracellular pH.

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Transcriptional response of Mycoplasma genitalium to osmotic stress.

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Placental microRNA expression in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia.

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Responses of human endothelial cells to pathogenic and non-pathogenic Leptospira species.

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Altered gene expression profiles in the brain, kidney, and lung of deceased neonatal cloned pigs.

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PPARγ-induced cardiolipotoxicity in mice is ameliorated by PPARα deficiency despite increases in fatty acid oxidation.

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Microarray analysis of gene expression by skeletal muscle of three mouse models of Kennedy disease/spinal bulbar muscular atrophy.

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Transcriptome of swarming Proteus mirabilis.

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Differential methylation of cell‐free circulating DNA among patients with pancreatic cancer versus chronic pancreatitis.

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Cancer, 2010 April1;116(7):1674–1680.

Methylation patterns of cell-free plasma DNA in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

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Identification of a modular pathogenicity island that is widespread among urease-producing uropathogens and shares features with a diverse group of mobile elements.

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Trypanosoma cruzi targets Akt in host cells as an intracellular antiapoptotic strategy.

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Pressure-mediated hypertrophy and mechanical stretch induces IL-1 release and subsequent IGF-1 generation to maintain compensative hypertrophy by affecting Akt and JNK pathways.

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Gene expression profile of rat ovarian tissue following xenotransplantation into immune-deficient mice.

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Expression profile of mammalian microRNAs in endometrioid adenocarcinoma

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Gene and protein expression profiling of the fat-1 mouse brain.

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Transcriptional interplay among the regulators Rrp2, RpoN and RpoS in Borrelia burgdorferi.

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Essential role of the response regulator Rrp2 in the infectious cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi

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Utilization of microarray technology for functional genomics in ictalurid catfish.

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Genomic analysis reveals Mycoplasma pneumoniae repetitive element 1-mediated recombination in a clinical isolate.

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Role of heme in the antifungal activity of the azaoxoaporphine alkaloid sampangine.

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Array-based multiplex analysis of DNA methylation in breast cancer tissues.

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Metabolic analysis of Moraxella catarrhalis and the effect of selected in vitro growth conditions on global gene expression.

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The nonhomologous end joining factor Artemis suppresses multi-tissue tumor formation and prevents loss of heterozygosity.

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Lithium treatment prevents neurocognitive deficit resulting from cranial irradiation.

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Metabolic-state-dependent remodeling of the transcriptome in response to anoxia and subsequent reoxygenation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Two dual specificity kinases are preferentially induced by wild-type rather than by oncogenic RAS P-21 in Xenopus oocytes.

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Identification of Francisella tularensis genes affected by iron limitation.

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RscA, a member of the MDR1 family of transporters, is repressed by CovR and required for growth of Streptococcus pyogenes under heat stress.

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Global gene expression analyses of mouse fibroblast L929 cells exposed to IC50 MMA by DNA microarray and confirmation of four detoxification genes' expression by Real-time PCR.

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Chaotic mixer improves microarray hybridization.

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Effects of relative humidity and buffer additives on the contact printing of microarrays by quill pins.

MK McQuain, K Seale, J Peek, S Levy, FR Haselton.
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FOCUS SETS - MI PathArrays
MPA010 GROWTH FACTORS Genelist QC file Gal file
MPA020 INFLAMMATION Genelist QC file Gal file
MPA030 APOPTOSIS Genelist QC file Gal file
MPA040 CANCER Genelist QC file Gal file
MPA050 TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS Genelist QC file Gal file
MPA060 KINASES Genelist QC file Gal file
HS1100 Human ReadyArray Genelist QC file Gal file
HS1200 Human OpArray Genelist QC file Gal file
MM1100 Mouse ReadyArray Genelist QC file Gal file
MM1200 Mouse OpArray Genelist QC file Gal file
RN1100 Rat ReadyArray Genelist QC file Gal file
CE1100 C. elegans ReadyArray Genelist QC file Gal file
CF1100 Dog ReadyArray Genelist QC file Gal file
BT1001 Cattle (B. taurus) Genelist QC file Gal file
CE1001 C. elegans Wash U Genelist? QC file Gal file
CE1002 C. elegans AROS Genelist QC file Gal file
DM1001 Fruit fly (D. melanogaster) Genelist QC file Gal file
GG1001 Chicken (G. gallus Genelist QC file Gal file
SS1001 Pig (S. scrofa) Genelist QC file Gal file
XT1001 Xenopus tropicalis Genelist QC file Gal file
AT2001 Arabadopsis thaliana Genelist QC file Gal file
MT2001 Barrel medic (Medicago truncatula) Genelist QC file Gal file
MG2001 Rice blast (Magnaporthe grisea) Genelist QC file Gal file
OS2001 Rice (Oryza sativa) Genelist QC file Gal file
PS2001 Garden pea (Pisum sativum) Genelist QC file Gal file
PP2001 Peach (Prunus persica) Genelist QC file Gal file
RL2001 Rhizobium leguminosarum Genelist QC file Gal file
SM2001 Sinorhizobium meliloti Genelist QC file Gal file
SL2001 Tomato (S. lycopersicum /L esculentum) Genelist QC file Gal file
VV2001 Grape (Vitis vinifera) Genelist QC file Gal file
ZM2001 Maize (Zea mays) Genelist QC file Gal file
BA3001 Bacillus anthracis Genelist QC file Gal file
BP3001 Bordetella pertussis Genelist QC file Gal file
CC3001 Campylobacter coli Genelist QC file Gal file
CJ3001 Campylobacter jejuni Genelist QC file Gal file
CP3001 Campylobacter pneumoniae Genelist QC file Gal file
CA3001 Clostridium acetobutylicum Genelist QC file Gal file
EC3001 Escherichia coli Genelist QC file Gal file
HI3001 Haemophilius influenzea Genelist QC file Gal file
HP3001 Helicobacter pylori Genelist QC file Gal file
LS3001 Lactobacillus sakei Genelist QC file Gal file
LM3001 Listeria monocytogenes Genelist QC file Gal file
MT3001 Mycobacterium tuberculosis Genelist QC file Gal file
MP3001 Mycoplasm pneumoniae Genelist QC file Gal file
SA3001 Salmonella Genelist QC file Gal file
SM3001 Streptococcus mitis Genelist QC file Gal file
SP3001 Streptococcus pneumoniae Genelist QC file Gal file
VS3001 Vibrio salmonicida Genelist QC file Gal file
CA4001 Candida albicans Genelist QC file Gal file
SC4001 Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Genelist QC file Gal file
PF5001 Plasmodium falciprum Genelist QC file Gal file
RB5001 Rhodopirellula baltica Genelist QC file Gal file